What We Offer

In-house summits, half day/evening conferences

Workshops, roundtables and cocktail receptions

Customer acquisition & one to one business meetings

Product launch

Destination and overseas bespoke events

What Is A Bespoke Summit?

Bespoke events or also commonly known as in-house events are standalone events/conferences or exhibitions, executed solely based on the clients’ request and preferences, at a venue and location of their choice, mostly to achieve one or more of the following but not limited to

  • Branding and promotion of your company or products/solutions and services
  • Find partners/distributors or system integrators in a new territory
  • Sales promotion and meetings
  • Lead generation
  • Thought leadership and value proposition of your organization
  • New product/solution/service launch
Our capabilities

Full turn-key, including

  • Event conceptualization, Market research and agenda production
  • Finalizing location and venue selection
  • Speaker Acquisition and confirmation
  • Website and landing page creation
  • Pre-event, business intelligence gathering in the form of questionnaires
  • Database build
  • Delegate Acquisition & Sponsorship Sales
  • Media & PR
  • CRM, Communication, and logistics
  • Onsite registrations
  • Event AV, F&B, Branding and booth building
  • Reports, lists, and follow-ups
Why Should You Do It?
Being the only organization at your bespoke summit, this is the best platform thus to propagate your message to your choice of present audience. Be it thought leadership or a roundtable, a private one to one meeting session or a workshop – you command presence, you call the shots. Our experience has been that a return on investments, on such a custom event is usually, relatively higher in comparison to traditional events.
How Do We Stand Different?

Market Research

Most projects involve market research as part of their execution protocols. Research methodology in addition to a reference to vast data and market trends also involves discussion and exchange of ideas with a pool of advisors that include industry leaders, analysts and officials in decision-making positions

Committed To Deliver

We emphasize on assigning dedicated teams for individual projects irrespective of its size to avoid multitasking as much as possible, thus ensuring effective execution of the event on time with quality


We have experience of conceptualizing, developing and executing events in EMEA, MENA, SAARC, and APAC in a vast array of sectors.


As part of our mission statement, we continuously strive to innovate by the application of various available tools and solutions as part of our commitment to ensuring greater quality output for our clients. Marketing and communication & CRM automation are few areas as examples where we currently have kept our innovation team busy at work!